Thursday, April 18, 2013

Los Cuates

Unfortunately, this restaurant is in Albuquerque, not NWA.  I've labeled this restaurant as New Mexican, not Mexican, because there is a difference.  That difference is Chile!

We went to the restaurant on Menaul Blvd, for a late lunch.  They have a number of lunch specials, but these specials make you choose between rice or beans; you don't get both.  So I opted for a regular entree and got one of my favorites:  a green chile chicken chimichanga.

Everyone probably knows what a chimichanga is by now - a fried flour burrito.  Well, when you're in New Mexico, you also get a choice of chile to put on your order - red or green or both.  If I remember correctly, it's the same chile pepper, but the green chile is green because it's harvested early.  The red chile is after the green has ripened.  There's a huge chile industry in New Mexico and these chiles are NOT the same as you get elsewhere in the US, like in California.  If someone tells you they're the same, they're wrong.

Anyway, back to the food.  They brought out the ubiquitous salsa and chips, but their salsa was so hot I couldn't eat much.  The ice tea was okay.

The chimichanga was amazing!  It was huge, and the chicken wasn't dry but nice and moist.  The green chile was a bit mild, but that's fine because it tasted great!  Mine came with a side of guacamole, which was also good.  The beans and rice were your basic beans and rice.

Frank got a burrito that consisted of ground beef and fried potatoes.  He said it was well seasoned and since it was the lunch special, larger than he was expecting.

Overall, I liked the place.  The only problem was that the service was really slow.  But very friendly!  But the food was good enough for 4 stars.

[I don't think I have photos for this one.]

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