Thursday, April 18, 2013

Duffer's Cafe

This is a small restaurant in a strip mall in Bella Vista.  I went there for an early lunch one day, and returned with my husband to get his impressions too.  They're open from 6 am -  3 pm.

It has a good atmosphere.  There are tables scattered throughout the place, with a few nooks and crannies if you want to be more isolated.  The menu is hanging in large print on the back wall, and there are daily specials too.  You order towards the back right of the restaurant, and pay when you order.  They give you a cafeteria tray and a flag with a number on it.  Then you get your own drinks and silverware and grab a seat.  Put the flag in the holder on the table so they can find you.  They also have pastries in a case by the cash register.  And there are coffee pots on the left side of the restaurant, so you don't have to walk across the room when you need a refill.

Frank got a half-Reuben with a side of potato soup.  He said the Reuben had lots of dressing, but it was a decent dressing.  And he really liked the potato soup.

I had a small fried chicken tender salad.  It came with mushrooms, craisins, coated walnuts, and 2 small slices of cheese.  The tenders were okay, but the coating wasn't my favorite.  We also got a small piece of cranberry bread and orange bread.  I think they came with my salad.  The cranberry bread was pretty good, but the orange bread was a little generic.

Overall, I liked the place.  It's a small, local business and the food is decent to good.  Four stars.
[If I find the photos I took, I'll post them later.]

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