Sunday, December 16, 2012

Whole Hog Cafe

We went to the one in Bentonville, towards the end of a UA football game.  This is another restaurant where you place your order at the front and they call your number.  You get your own drinks and silverware.  There were 6 booths, a bunch of tables, and some bar stools, too.

I got sweet tea and it ended up being unsweet, but not bad.  We both ordered the Pulled Pork, because, let's face it, pulled pork rules!  It was moist and tender, and not a strong flavor.  The Potato Salad was one of those loaded baked potato style ones.  The Coleslaw was good.  Too many places have really crappy coleslaw, but I liked this one; it wasn't too sweet.  The Baked Beans were okay.

It gets interesting with the sauces.  There are 6 of them in a container on your table, and you have the option to ask for a really really hot one at the order desk.  We tried most of the 6, but didn't bother with the 7th one.  I liked #1 because it was sweet and tangy.  Frank used #3 and said it was good on the beans, that it added some good heat.  They had different flavors, from maple to mustard, which I really liked.  I got a brownie for dessert and it was very good.

Overall impressions:  Not bad.  This is a chain restaurant, and for a chain it was pretty good.  But it wasn't outstanding.  The people were friendly.  They actually messed up my sandwich by adding the coleslaw to it, but they fixed it very fast.  I think the main problems for us were that acoustically it was very noisy, and there's no real service.  You get all your own stuff, including your food.  Also, I've just heard so much hype about this place and how awesome their food is, that I was expecting it to be better.  Don't get me wrong - it is good barbeque!  But I didn't think it was great barbeque.  So, because of the hype and no-frills and their side dishes, I'm going to have to say 3-1/2 stars.

Note:  Photos to be added.

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