Sunday, December 16, 2012


This is a Pakistani-Indian restaurant in a strip mall in Bentonville.  It's fairly small.  There were 7 four-person tables, and 2 larger tables.  The buffet is up front and is also a little small.  This is more of a "hole-in-the-wall" type of place.

We got there a few minutes before supper officially started, so most of what we ate was actually the remains of the lunch buffet.  And it was still good!  There was no one about, so we sat ourselves and then got our own drinks.  I'm not sure if you usually get your own drinks or not, but it is very small, and a family-run place. The buffet officially started at 6 pm, but they were running about 15 minutes late.  There only seemed to be one person there, so we understood. 

My favorite was the Chicken Qorma.  It was really good and actually hot, too!  They also had a Chicken & Mutton Biriyani, something called Nahri (I hadn't heard of that one before) and some Egg Curry.  The owner came around and brought us some fresh Samosas and fresh buttered Naan.  They were both excellent.  Overall, the flavors were good and some dishes had a lot of spice!

It's a bit hard to judge the restaurant because we were still eating the leftover lunch buffet.  But that was good enough for 4 stars.  Provisionally, they might even go 4-1/2 stars for the fresh buffet.

Note: They do take credit cards, but the receipt did not have a tip line.

Note: Photos to be added.

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