Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pho Thanh

This place is in the old Taco-Tico building on Walton Boulevard.  It's a bit bare bones.  There are napkin dispensers on the tables and small tables throughout the area.  Classic rock was playing when we were there.

I often measure restaurants by their tea.  The ice tea here was a bit off, but not too bad; I could drink it.  We ordered spring rolls which come with a peanut sauce.  They were good, and had lots of shrimp in them.  I prefer fish sauce with my rolls so we got some of that too.  It was really good - I was actually wondering if was home made.

For dinner I had the Grilled Pork and Shrimp Bun (noodles).  It was pretty good.  It came in a big bowl with veggies and I poured a lot of fish sauce over it.

Frank had a soup with pretty much everything in it.  It was a dark broth, but it was light and rich.  Frank said it had a good flavor and wasn't Americanized.  There were a variety of textures too, so he felt it was done properly.  He liked it a lot better than the Chinese/Vietnamese place on College in Fayetteville (Red Saigon?).

Overall, it was pretty good.  There were a lot of Asians eating there, which I always think is a good sign, and a lot of people coming in to pick up orders.  And there was a ton of food.  We really enjoyed it, and have gotten takeout several times since them.  Four stars.

Note: Photos to be added later

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